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Many of us have different types of pets. Someone loves dogs, so someone cats. Some people brought colour birds in the house. But one does not try to find out that the animal that is coming home is suitable or not for his astrology. 

          In fact, every one of us as per astrological sighn has a lot of influence on our body and mind. Not only this, according to the sighn, a person's energy or "array" manifested in the body. And the animal that is brought home as a receptive, its body also exhibits the same type of "chi" or array, and if it does not match the energy of our body, then there is a possibility of a bad event happening one after another. But once the two power matches, then the level of good energy in the family starts to increase. As a result, Good Luck became the companion of Rose. And when that happens, life does not take time to relish. 

What types of animals can be brought home according to the zodiac sighn? 

1. Aries: 

According to experts, people of this zodiac sighn should have dogs. Because it is believed that if they bring a loved one to the home, then it does not take time to enter the house of good energy in the family. As a result, there is less chance of bad events happening. In fact, some astrologer also says that if the people of the Aries bring labrador dog in the house, then they would get more benefits. 

2. Taurus: 

It has been noticed that the people of this zodiac usually do not like to chat or spend time with anyone other than a loved one. That's why cats, as pets, can be a great choice for people of such character.So friends, if you want to keep your home a pet, then there is no alternative to cats. 

3. Gemini: 

They like to be unbeatable with the strangers. Not only that, there is a strong desire to know unknown people in their minds. So nobody can stop them from fulfilling their dream beyond any obstacle. In fact, for the people of such a character, birds of parrot may be very friendly. In fact, it is believed that the zodiac-nations, if they bring parrot home, then the effects of Bad Luck are cut off. 

4. Cancer: 

They became unreasonable emotional. Such people can be a good choice as a dog or gold fish as pets. Because it is believed that having such animals in the house does not take time to cut the cloud of evil. There are also many other benefits available. 

5. Leo: 

According to experts, if they can keep horses as pets, great benefits are available. The people of this zodiac sighn can also bring horses or statues of horses. Because astrologers believe that even if doing so or having equal benefits. 

6. Virgo: 

If there is a character, then the people of Virgo can adopt Fish as pet. Because if this happens, the bad forces present in the house are running away. This reduces the risk of any type of danger. 

7. Libra: 

It is believed that if the people of this zodiac sighn bring Persian White cats or Russian cats at home, then it does not take time for happiness and prosperity to be enjoyed by households. 

8. Scorpio: 

According to experts, if they bring a snake picture or snake statues at home, then there is a lot of good luck. In the first place, bad power began to run away. As a result, the risk of any type of damage decreases. 

9. Sagittarius: 

Animals that take care of them every day should not be brought home, but according to fish or turtles animals can be treated as pets, they can be of great benefit. 

10. Capricorn: 

It is believed that the people of this zodiac sighn should have a cows at home for peace. But in reality it is not possible for many to do this. So today, place a bull image or statues of bull in the drawing room. 

11. Aquarius: 

They do not want to engage in any type of responsibility. So, there is nothing better for the Aquarius people are Love bird. Not only this, it is very easy to match the nature of birds with the aquarius people. It is very good as a result; it does not take long to match the benefits. 

12. Pisces: 

If there is a character, then the people of Pisces can adopt rabbits as pet. There is great benefit. 

Monday, June 25, 2018

Marriage Offer

বিয়ে প্রেম-ভালবাসার ক্ষেত্রে প্রিয়তমাকে জীবনসঙ্গী হওয়ার প্রস্তাব দেওয়ার ক্ষেত্রে নিজস্ব ভঙ্গি বা মৌলিকত্বে অনেকেই বিশ্বাসী। কিন্তু পাশ্চাত্যে হাঁটু গেড়ে বসে বিয়ের প্রস্তাব দেওয়ার চল রয়েছে। কিন্তু কেন এমন রীতি চলে আসছে জানেন?

কয়েকটি তত্ত্ব থেকে বিষয়টি জানা যেতে পারে। মধ্যযুগে সৌজন্যতা প্রকাশের ওপর খুবই জোর দেওয়া হতো বলে শোনা যায়। বহু ধর্মীয় অনুষ্ঠানে হাঁটু গেড়ে বসার প্রথা প্রচলিত ছিল। কখনও বশ্যতা, কখনো বা সম্মান প্রদর্শনে এই রীতি ছিল জনপ্রিয়। এমনকি শ্রেষ্ঠ যোদ্ধা হিসেবে নাইটরা প্রভুর প্রতি এভাবে বসেই শ্রদ্ধা সম্মান দেখাত বা অভিজাত অভিজাত নারীর সামনেও এভাবে হাঁটু গেড়ে বসে শ্রদ্ধা-ভালোবাসা প্রকাশ করতো।

যখন কাছের মানুষটি সম্মুখে এক হাঁটু গেড়ে বসে আংটি দিয়ে প্রপোজ করে, সেখানে শুধু তিনি 'হ্যাঁ' বলার প্রত্যাশা তো ব্যক্ত করেই, তার পাশাপাশি আপনাকে আরও জানান যে, আপনি যোগ্য সম্মানের অধিকারী। আর বিনয়-শ্রদ্ধা-ভালোবাসায় মোড়া এই রীতি তাই অনেকেই নিজের করে নিয়েছেন।

In the process of marriage and love, it is believed that many people believe in their own poses or principles. But in the West there is a need to propose marriage to the knees. But why is such a tradition known?
It can be known from some theories. It was heard that in the medieval period there was a lot of emphasis on courtesy. The practice of sitting in many religious ceremonies was common. This style was popular, sometimes in subjection, sometimes or in reverence. Even as the best warrior, the knights would show respect and reverence to the Lord in this way, or even in front of the elite women, revere their reverence and love.

When the nearest person prostrates with a ring in front of a knee, then only he expresses the hope of saying 'yes', besides, also tell you that you deserve worthy honour and humorous love. The theories is so popular that many people have adopted themselves.

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Benefits of MANGO

          Summer fruits mango is called the delicious fruit of various fruits. Nutrient quality of raw amounts is more than the seasoned mango. But the nutritionists say, whether it is ripe or not, eat as raw, but it is very beneficial. 

1. A recent study has shown that it does not take long to reduce the incidence of Vitamin C levels in the body when it starts to increase in the body. And mango is the vitamin c store. So if you start eating this fruit regularly, avoid breathing difficulties.

2. A number of useful studies for pregnant women have shown that if pregnant women start eating this fruit regularly, then the deficiency of iron, vitamin A, C, and B6 is eliminated inside the body. As a result, any kind of physical problem cannot be raised during pregnancy.

3. A number of studies on Acne Problems show that acne problems are lessened when the fruit is used in the skin care, as well as increase the skin's brightness. You can use a face mask made from mango to increase the skin's brightness. In this case, it is necessary to massage the whole face thoroughly with mango. Then wait 10 minutes to wash face.

4. Increasing the prevention of disease prevents the immune system to become so strong that after entering into the inside of beta-carotene and carotenoid cells, the small-hearted disease cannot be close to the body.

5. As the digestive energies increase, there is a special type of enzymes within the amino acids, which help in fast food digestion.

6. Vitamin A beneficial for the eyes is extremely beneficial for the eyes. So regular mangoes play a special role in this case.

7. Reduced amount of bad cholesterol, fiber, pectin, and Vitamin C, play a special role in reducing the amount of cholesterol. They also play a special role in improving heart health.

8. Skin beauty increases. Several studies have shown that if the skin can be smoked smoothly with 3-4 times a day, then the nutrient intake within the skin, as well as the opening of the skin closure holes. As a result, the brightness of the skin naturally begins to grow.

9. The body maintains the balance of the acid, the tartaric, malic and citric acid contained in the mango plays a special role in keeping 'Alkaline balance' inside the body. It is important to keep the balance of the acid in order to keep the body healthy.

Friday, June 22, 2018

The Temple of INDIA

          As a diversified territory, India is better known as a place where religion is of paramount importance. Although we have advanced towards modernism, our culture, customs and religion are well preserved. Many ancient temples still stand directly to tell the stories of India's rich religious traditions. Some of these temples are still working and among the richest temples in India. Some of the rich temples are not ancient, but there are numerous followers and fans in this list. 

Padmanabhaswamy Temple

          This temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and located in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. The temple of Padmanabhaswamy is Lord Vishnu (Diwanadish) 108 holy houses. The place of Thiruvananthapuram is also named after Lord Vishnu, literally meaning "Land of Sri ananta Padmanabhaswamy". This temple is also mentioned in many great epics and myths. Some scholars believe that the temple was established 5000 years ago on the first day of the Kali-yuga. Padmanabhaswamy temple is the rich temple India has a value of 1.2 million crores or 1.2 trillion ($ 21 billion). 

Tirupati Balaji

          Tirupati Balaji is one of the rich temples of India. It is a temple in Chitur district of Andhra Pradesh. It is Lord Venkateswara, Lord Vishnu is a form. Daily visited nearly 50,000 to 100,000 fans and during the festival, the number was more than 500,000 visitors. This temple came after the temple of Padma Bhushan in terms of wealth. One of the main characters in the temple is a haircut. It is believed that once Balaji was hit by the shepherd on his head, then there was silence in that area. Nehra's goddess, a scent princess has fallen into her baldness and planted her hair on the head of Lord of Majazza Lord's such a beautiful face cannot bear any error. The Lord came to know about his sacrifice and promised that all the devotees who came to him would give him hair, they organized the auction of hair a few times a year by the organization of the Goddess. International buyers are purchasing more than $ 6 million dollars in temple treasures 

Vaishno Devi

          Vaishno Devi, among the oldest and richest temples of India, is situated in the mountains of Jammu and Kashmir, about 14 kilometers away from Kashmir. The temple is dedicated to the goddess Shakti Mata Vaishno Devi. The temple is visited by nearly 8 million pilgrims every year and after the temple of Tirumala Venkateswara, Vaishno Devi is the second spectacular pilgrim. 

Somnath Temple, Gujarat

          The Somnath Temple is situated on the west coast of Gujarat and is dedicated to Shiva. Somnath means 'the moon god protector' and it is believed that the temple was built by moon God by the gold in the honor of Shiva. The temple was destroyed and rebuilt many times. The Somnath Temple was recreated in Silver by Ravana, Lord Krishna by Wood and the rocks of stones in the kings. It was recently removed by Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel in 1951. The architecture of the temple is built in Chalukya style 

Siddhivinayak Temple

          Siddhivinak Mandir is located in Mumbai and is dedicated to Lord Ganesha. This temple is visited by famous and wealthy people and celebrities. Siddhinayak Temple was built on 18 November 1801 by Laksmanvitu and Deubai Patil. Siddhivinayak Temple is among the richest temples in Mumbai. The temple receives nearly 100-500 million rupees for every year. 

Meenakshi Temple

          The temple of Meenakshisundareshwarar is located in Madurai, Tamilnadu and dedicated to Lord Shiva (Sundareshwarar) and Parvati (Meenakshi). According to a legend, it is the same place where Lord Vishnu gave the hand of Parvati to Lord Shiva. Every day, about 15,000 visitors to the temple and Friday number goes to 25,000. The 985 carved pillars are actually the beauty of the temple as well as the pilgrim architecture. 

Jagannath Temple

          Jagannath Temple is dedicated to Lord Jagannath (Universe of Lord) and located in Orissa This temple is very valuable for Lord Krishna and worshipers of Vishnu. Jagannath Temple is a pilgrimage of “CHAR DHAMS” that Hindus once again have their lifetime. Jagannath Temple's annual Rath Yatra is particularly famous.

Kashi Vishwanath Temple

          Kashi Vishwanath temple is situated on the western bank of the river Ganges in Varanasi and dedicated to Lord Shiva. The chief deity of the temple is known as Vishwanatha or Vishveshwar, which means the ruler of the universe. It is believed that by visiting the temple and bathing the Ganges in the holy river, there can be a way of Moksha (liberation). 

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Young couple !! what should do to maintain their relationship

          Separations and Divorces have outnumbered happy relationships today. Marriages are losing their truthfulness and the more next generation is deciding on live-in relationships to avoid mystifying inactivity if there should be conflicted in acceptance in way of life. No measure of discussing and advising seems to be working, which eventually provides the means of failed relationships and it is a major reason for anxiety in today's world.

           Many people became separated and after the woe of their anxiety relationship seemed to be there. Those who are strong and less sensitive do not intend to enter into another relationship but at least bothered to break again, they are ready for it. As a result, the relationship breaks the chain and continues to bear sensitive bunch.

Your partner expects change for you.

          The first step for a stressed relationship is that no one is perfect, and your colleague should change according to your trends. If another person guarantees to change for affection, it is not ensured that things improve to improve things. There will be some or other problems that will be incremented and the circle will continue. Accept your partner as he / she should have settled that they have some unfortunate tendencies.

The difference between you is disrespectful

          There should be a difference between two people and the difference between them. However, it is indispensable that you do not respect your differences and compare them to your relationship below.

Third person to allow intervention.

          The biggest mistake that young couples make to the third party - your parents or family law or even a friend - is allowing you to intervene. And you do not know that the person is mature enough to solve your problem or just connect with it. Trust me, it is only you and your partner who can control the situation.

Holding onto your grudges.

        Raising the issue and holding on the enthusiasm only let the relationship be bad and that unnecessary problems stop almost carrying out.

Battling/contending to win.

           People often dispute or fight to prove their point. It is nothing but your ego that forces you to do this unwanted thing. It is always advised to present your perspective presentation, speak it out, and find ways to sort it out or simply find out the end of the subject. Pull the point will not help anyone and only the problem will get worse. 

Do not accept your guilt

          Most of the time, the couple let them take them eunuchs to refrain from accepting their guilt that over them. Nobody ever apologized and died. So, give a full stop to the blame and even if you are not guilty even if you are not guilty. Do not let your ego win over your love. Your partner - if he loves you - will understand his / her mistakes some time and worship you to be so humble. 

Lack of communication.

          Communication is the key to a happy relationship. If you cannot talk to each other or give the silence priority on contact, then your relationship is indubitably going to suffer. 

Opinion about family planning.

          It is possible that one of you will soon want a child when the other still has to be prepared for this responsibility. Do not go into things and mutually decide. After all, it will affect both your life and you will not want to enjoy after child.

Do not have time for each other

       Your relationship is your priority, give it the appropriate portion of time. Everything and everyone needs time to increase and increase crops. If you want to bloom it, give the plant water of your concern.

Ignoring the mental and physical needs of your partner

          One of the major relationships mistakes that today's young couples ignore the needs of their partners, it can be both psychological or physical. You will understand today's world that everyone will be replaced and if your partner does not meet your needs, then he will look for someone else for him.

It is not too late to correct it. If you want a happy life and want to live happily afterwards then try to mistreat this relationship and avoid it

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Rainbow Mountain

          The Rainbow Mountains of China inside the Zhangye Danxia Landform Geological Park are a geographical wonder of the world. These well known Chinese mountains are known for their supernatural colours that copy a rainbow painted over the highest points of mountains. 

          This is only one illustration where geography attention our eye and makes one wonder: What makes the Rainbow Mountains be collared the way they are? Here I will talk about the digenetic and mineralogical forms that make up the reds, greens, yellows, and blues. 

         The Zhangye Danxia National Park is situated in the Gansu region in China's northwest covering 200 square miles. The site was named an UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2009 and is the goal for some Chinese and universal travelers. 

How Did The Rainbow Mountains Form?

          The Rainbow Mountains are cretaceous sandstones and siltstones that were stored in China before the Himalayan Mountains were shaped. The sand and silt was stored with iron and follow minerals that gave it the key fixing to frame the hues we see today. 

          What was previously a layered level and level stratigraphy was upset by the Indian Plate crashing into the Eurasian Plate around 55 million years prior. Much like when two autos get in a disaster area and the guards overlay and break, a comparable procedure collapsed what was once level sandstones into the Rainbow Mountains we see today. This procedure inspired mountains and uncovered sedimentary rocks that were generally concealed well underneath the surface of the earth. Weathering and disintegration expelled the overlying layers of mainland siliciclastic shakes and uncovered fundamental arrangements with various mineralogy and chemistry. This causes the striking variety in hues seen over the Rainbow Mountains. 

          Groundwater travels through the sandstone grains and stores follow minerals in the middle of the grains. This hasten can develop to a point where there is not any more a pore space between the individual grains, solidifying them set up. This procedure is the thing that grants the follow minerals specified underneath and takes into consideration the supernatural shading of sandstones around the world.

          The essential shading is dark red sandstone, similar to the Fountain Formation that outcrops in the Flatirons, Red Rocks Park, and the Garden of the Gods all in Colorado. The red shading is because of an iron oxide covering and cementation, between the sandstone grains. This is precisely the same that happens when a bit of metal is left out in the rain and structures a red layer of rust around the outside. 

          Weathering, blended with water and oxygen oxidizes natural iron into press oxide, which is outstanding for its dim red shading. The Rainbow Mountains are generally described by this iron oxide re-colouring of its sandstone Danxia formation. 

          Most of the time iron oxides impart a dark red pigment, however, there are instances where oxides form different colours. For example oxidized limonite or goethite will produce brown or yellow staining of sandstones; magnetite can form black staining of sandstones. If there is iron sulphide present, you will get a metallic yellow colour imparted by the sulphur. Meanwhile, green colouring is often due to chlorite or iron silicate clays. These are just some examples of how sandstones can be altered in colouring during digenesis. 

Monday, June 18, 2018

Meghalaya's Living Root Bridges

          Somewhere down in the thick tropical timberland of Meghalaya, and covered in cloud and rain for a great part of the year, are some astonishing man-made natural marvels. Known as living root bridges, innovative individuals from the Khasi tribe have prepared them to develop from the roots of ancient rubber trees, local toward the upper east area. The root bridges give a steady other option to wooden bridges, which decay and get destroyed during the lengthy monsoon seasons.

          It takes around 15 years for another root bridge to wind up sufficiently solid to manage the heaviness of individuals crossing it. However, it will proceed to develop and reinforce significantly more over time. A portion of the bridges are accepted to be hundreds of years old, albeit nobody knows their correct age. Their tangled webs of roots are relatively creepy in nature and wouldn't watch strange in a dreamland.

          The famous double-decker root bridge close to Cherrapunji, in upper east India's Meghalaya state, entices open-air fans with the chance to see a 150+-year-old man-made natural wonder that is exceptional as well as dumbfounding. While there are various single root bridges in the zone, this is the special case that has two levels. Clearly, neighborhood Khasi tribe individuals became the second level after an uncommon wet monsoon season made water achieve the principal level. A third level is arranged, however just to capitalize on the bridge's tourism potential.

          Going to the twofold decker root connect isn't easy. The trek there is long and tiring. It's justified, despite all the trouble, however, for an awesome ordeal that is ensured to be the feature of your travels.

How Fit Do You Have to Be? 

          On the off chance that you have any joint or portability issues, or are not in better than an average physical condition - unquestionably don't do it. The trek is exceptionally steep in parts and will put a considerable measure of strain on your knees and lower leg muscles.

About the Trek 

          The way to the double-decker root bridge is 3 kilometers in length, has around 3,500 stairs, and slides 2,400 feet. There are three sections to it. The steepest and most difficult part is the initial segment, down the slope to Nongthymmai town. It takes around 45 minutes. The staying two sections, which include traverse seething waterways, are substantially compliment and less saddling. Be that as it may, this, and the precarious drop, makes the trek unacceptable for any individual who's apprehensive about statures.

The most effective method to Get There 

          The trek to the double-decker root bridge begins at Tyrna village, around 30 minutes past Cherrapunji. It can be easily done on a multi-day trip from Shillong. From Shillong, it takes around over two hours to drive to Tyrna and expenses around 2,500 rupees return.

How to Get There 

          The trek to the double-decker root bridge starts at Tyrna village, around 30 minutes past Cherrapunji. It can be comfortably done on a day trip from Shillong. From Shillong, it takes approximately two and a half hours to drive to Tyrna.

Cherrapunji Weather: When to Go 

          Cherrapunji is known as one of the wettest places on earth. The blustery season begins in April and proceeds until October. Most of the rain is gotten amid June and July. It rains discontinuously amid whatever is left of the rainstorm months. Rainfall usually occurs during the morning

In January, the normal most extreme temperature is 16 degrees Celsius/60 degrees Fahrenheit. This drops to around 5 degrees Celsius/41 degrees Fahrenheit during the evening. In July, the normal temperature increases to a most extreme of 22 degrees Celsius/72 degrees Fahrenheit amid the day. During the evening, it drops to a normal of 18 degrees Celsius/65 degrees Fahrenheit.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Salar de Uyuni ( Mirror of the World)

Salar de Uyuni (salar is salt flat in Spanish) is currently the world’s largest salt flat at 10,582 sq. Km. (4,086 sq mi). Actually, some 30,000-42,000 years ago the area was part of a giant prehistoric lake, Lake Minchin. When it dried, it left behind two modern lakes and two major salt deserts, Salar de Coipasa and the larger Salar de Uyuni.

Located in southest Bolivia, near the crest of the Andes, it is covered by a few meters of salt crust, which has an extraordinary flatness with the average altitude variations within one meter over the entire area of the Salar. The large area, clear skies and exceptional surface flatness make the Salar an ideal object for calibrating the altimeners of Earth observation satellites.
When covered with water, this extraordinary place becomes one of the largest mirrors on Earth.

Fact of Salar de Uyuni
Measuring at 10,582 km, Salar de Uyuni is the biggest salt flat in the world.

One of the most popular attraction in Salar de Uyuni is a cementary for trains. It contains all the trains that were used in mining during the 1940s and currently attracts thousands of tourists every year.

At times the salt flat is covered in very clear water, making it the largest natural mirror in the world.

Salar de Uyuni is also referred to as Salar de Tunupa of ‘ salt flat enclosure’ in Spanish.

An estimated 11 billion tons of salt is belived to be within Salar de Uyuni.

NASA uses Salar de Uyuni to figure oyt the positioning of their satellites.

There are 80 species of birds as Salar de Uyuni.

It was belive that Salar de Uyuni was completely flat, but some small undulations discovered on the surface.

1. Mirror Effect?
The uyuni Salt Flats are famous for its mirror effect. If you want to take a tour to experience the beauty of nature then you should go in the Rainy Season. The landscape is filled with a layer of Water reflacting Sky on the ground with unparalleled views.

2. Where is it?
Salar de Uyuni can be found in the department of Potosi in Bolivia’s southwest. You can get there by Plane, by Bus, or driving from La Paz to Uyuni.

3. How was it formed?
It was formed due to the drying of prehistoric lakes in the crest of the Andes, mainly the Lake Minchin, 30,000 to 42,000 years ago.

4. It is really high?
Uyuni is at an elevation of 3700 meters, so some acclimatization to height is recommended in order to avoid the altitude sickness.

5. Uyuni in numbers.
Salar de Uyuni is the largest salt desert as well as the flattest place in the world. It is estimated that the Salar contains 10 billion tons of salt, and it is formed by 11 layers of salt with a thickness of 2 to 10 meters each.

6. Dry Season – Geometric Shapes.
This is the other face of the salt flats. Whereas in the rainy season you see it covered by water, from May to November you will find it dry with only salt on it and this time of the year octagonal shapes are formed in the surface due to drying process and the ventilation of the Salar.

7. There is a lot of Lithium.
Around the 90% of Lithium (most essential mineral for batteries) of the world is condensed in Salar de Uyuni.

8. It is very cold.
Salar de Uyuni is at an altitude of 3.656 meters: it can get very cold, especially at nights with temperatures dropping below ZERO, also beware of the SUN, as it is very easy to get burned at this altitude.

Thursday, June 14, 2018


Love tunnel of Klevin, an awesome place in Ukraine outside the Clare city of Ukraine, around two miles of private rail road has pivoted trees in blushing common passage.
The “Tunnel of Love” is situated amongst Klevan and Orziv town, inside the Kovel-Rivne line, it is seven kilometers away. Orzhiv, isolating into two lines around. One prompts Klevan and alternate prompts a mystery army installation, from the cold war time, those days covered up in the forest, the trees were deliberately planted alongside the track to travel militarily. The army installation is presumably still utilized on the grounds that Google Maps demonstrates countless vehicles on the base.
This name is given by the area people in Klevan’s Love Tunnel (Ukraine). We consider this sight unique to Kleven, Ukraine, which if the reason it doesn't move yourself to get ready and incorporated by regular green bends every day.
The “Tunnel of Love” is unequivocally created, not by the development of the troops, but rather by mechanical cargo prepare driven by the Odek Plywood processing plant in Orzhiv town. Birch trees from crosswise over Ukraine are trucked into the industrial facility where they are transformed into plywood boards. The completed thin board is stacked onto the huge compartment and trove at Klevan Rail Junction via prepare. From the purging, they are bringing the primary trunk line available crosswise over Western Europe.
Run a wooden transport prepare three times every day in a fiberboard industrial facility adjacent. Something else, the railroads make dazzling strolls for couples and single together with tree burrows. Sentimental setting earned this expansion of his epithet, “Love Tunnel” track. It is for branches of the brilliant leaf which is known as Green Mile Tunnel.
In the midst of the Spring and Summer, the passage gets dry when the plant is at its pinnacle level of verdancy, yet winter stalk and snow-secured branches make interesting representation cases as beautiful landscapes.
Clearly, “burrows” are generally mainstream in Ukraine. Couples and Singles regularly have photo shoots here, some of the times voyagers have an issue for prepare administrators and they have a sharp eye on the track. A year ago, a 38-year-old Japanese lady was impacted via prepare, cracking her hip, however, it was an isolated incident.
The passage has no official protection or no watchman, yet a couple of years back, a few trees were chopped down to help in the preparation of the production line and there was an immense objection. From that point forward the manufacturing plant has not touched a tree.

Sunday, June 10, 2018



1.  Tomorrow  2.  A promise  3.  Fire 4.  Normal ( because people usually have their half fingers on one hand )  5.  A cold  6.  A secret  7.  Survivors are not buried  8.  The 4 you took away  9.  The match  10.  No ( since he is dead it would be hard to do so )  11.  No color ( because bungalows do not have the second floor )  12. The two survivors were married.

Friday, June 1, 2018

History of FOOTBALL

          Football has a long history. Football in its current form arose in England in the middle of the 19th century but alternative versions of the game existed much earlier and are a part of the Football history.

          The first known examples of a team game involving a ball, which was made out of a rock, occurred in old Mesoamerican cultures for over 3000 years ago. According to the report, the ball would symbolize the sun and the captain of the losing team would be sacrificed to the gods.

          The first known ball game which also involved kicking took place in Chaina in the 3rd and 2nd century BC under the name CUJU, was played with round ball on a square area.

          An Ancient Greece the ball was made by shreds of leather filled with hair. The first airfield ball was made in ancient Rome in the 7th century. This balls were not included in the entertainment on the big arenas but could occur in an exercise in the military.

          The early form of football was also much more rough and violent. In the 13th century in England, the game played on meadows and roads. Punches were also involved in the game besides of kicks. the rampage of these games would cause damage to the town and sometimes death.

          For a long time, there was no clear distinction between football and rugby. The game was often played in school and two of the predominant schools were Rugby and Eton. At Rugby, the rules included the possibility to take up the ball with the hands and the game we today know as rugby. At Eton, on the other hand, the ball was played exclusively with the feet and this game can be seen as a close procedure to the modern Football. The rugby was called THE RUNNING GAME while football was called THE DRIBLING GAME.